A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Collect your Gold and Loot in Loot Clicker!

Use the Mouse to navigate Menus.
Click the "Farm!" button to gain gold.
Spend your gold on units to kill monsters and get gold for you.
Find Loot to upgrade your units

Install instructions

This is a game I made back when Adobe Flash Player was commonly supported by browsers. If you wish to download and enjoy this game, you'll need to also have access to software that can run SWF files. Thankfully, there are still stand-alone versions of flash player available (these links will start a download from Adobe's official website):


Loot Clicker.swf 107 kB
loot-clicker-source.zip 59 kB


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i love idle games, this very cool. Do you plan on updating? and did u make the sprite art urself? 


Thanks! I do not plan on updating Loot Clicker at this time. The sprites were made by Oryx.